Other projects

David Wenngren
David have released one solo album so far on the Auetic label in 2009. He did
also release a collaboration album with Christopher Bissonnette on Home Normal
at the end 2011 and with Kane Ikin on Kesh in early 2012.

Birch & Meadow
Birch & Meadow consists of David Wenngren and Sara Forslund. On their first album togheter
called Butterflies and graves they mix drones with layered vocal melodies and harmonies.
Music can be found at http://www.birchandmeadow.com

Murralin Lane
Murralin Lane (David Wenngren & Ylva Wiklund) have released one album so far,
”Our house is on the wall”, on the 12k label.

Le Lendemain
Le Lendemain consists of David and Danny Norbury. Danny had already contributed
to the Library Tapes releases ”Sketches” and ”A summer beneath the trees” before,
and in 2009 they decided to make an album togheter. It’s called ”Fires” and was released
on Home Normal later on that year.