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Some of the projects where my music can be heard:
Europe, she loves (Documentary, coming in 2016) – Original soundtrack
We are blood (Documentary 2015) – Fragment II
Hemlock Grove – Butterflies and Graves
The world to come (Feature film, 2015) – Fragment VIII, View From A Train #2, View From A Train #3, The Rivers Turned To Cobblestone, First Day Of Winter, Pieces Of Us Were Left On The Tracks
In the treetops (Feature film, 2015) – Fragment VIII
Our world war (Mini-series, 2014) – Fragment II, Fragment V, Fragment VIII
Inspector George Gentle (“Gently upside down”, 2011) – When I told you
Indian summer (Documentary, 2011) – fragment I, Fragment V, Fragment VI, The rivers turned to cobblestone
Filmen jag inte pratar om längre (Documentary, 2009) – Fragment VIII
MUEHLE – Portrait movie (Short film, 2014) – Fragment II
Brandracket (2015)- Above the flood
Bukowskis market (2012) – Fragment II

Terms of Usage
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